"Why Didn't Educated Girl Call Cops" Telangana Minister Shocker On Hyd Victim's Death

A Telangana minister has uttered a surprising assertion on the brutal dying of Dr. Priyanka Reddy who was brutally murdered.

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46 thoughts on “"Why Didn't Educated Girl Call Cops" Telangana Minister Shocker On Hyd Victim's Death

  1. Always when the girl is in any problem they always call her family not police because she doesn't know that she is going to be rape with some of bastards and she is going to die she don't know

  2. Change the pastor the Minister the always girl call to the family will call to the police because she don't know this is going to rape and she is going to mother or they will burn him always the girl call first her family

  3. I called the police once on bangalore highway .but no one responded… I was scared for my life…. truly I don't believe in this country's law enforcement nor the judiciary. Now I m in the uk. The biggest difference is you are welcomed to call the emergency numbers…no nonsense.

  4. Nobody can get sure about upcoming moment that what will happened on him/her in next 5 minute. then how she could call to police station to protect her when she didnt know anything about it. Bloody home minister did he know what he explained as an irresponsible person..

  5. This political leader should be sacked.
    Useless man does not know 100 number does not work the way it should be.

    What if it was your family woman scared and not in position to dial the 100 number?

    Asshole talking about dialing the number

  6. Abheee tum 100 No. Dial krne bolre ho awareness spread krne bolre ho wahh wh👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 prrr yeh nhi bologe kii strict laws banayge ki dubara koi aesa krneka soche b nhiii or gadhe usko kya pata tha ki uska rape hone wala h jo 100 no. Pe dial karegi , she called her sister kyuki scooty ka tyre punctured hogya tha !!! Such a dumb asshole

  7. 100 number is not even picked up , our PM goes to US and try to showcase a different India, but this is india , its not 911 numver, its Indias 100 where first we have to proove that we are in danger

  8. How the girl suddenly can think to call cops in tht afraid moment? Even no one can think wisely in afraid moments..we need to think from the girl situation…maybe the girl thought tht the lorry driver is literally trying to help her…if we get afraid, we will try to connect with our closer relationships…not policies…so now the government should think about how to punish those culprits….not should point out the victim's mistakes….from Malaysia❤

  9. I dont know why males are Living on this earth & why God created them..Even we girl always need to scare from police also.. Why Indian law is still backward, pliz someone go & rape the modi's mother then I think he will rise for protect of girls child..

  10. Ist off all not only our india but also the whole world need a alcol as well as porn free society..is tarhaki ghrunit or ghinona ghatna ka pichhhe ye do chis ke effect hi he..hamare sarkar ye sab ban karna chahie…jab tak ye nein band honge ese pasbik ghatna ghate rahenge..these 4 victims are totally lack of morality..are moral kahan se ayenge..jab ki unke sarir me alcohol he…very sad..

  11. मुझे इस मामले में पुलिस पर पूरा भरोसा है की उन्होंने इन हरामियों की अच्छी धुलाई की होगी। और इनका फैसला भी जल्दी ही आ जायेगा। बस कोर्ट इनको आजीवन कारावास देने की मूर्खता न करें।

    अब हमें समाज में इस तरह की घटना को रोकने के लिए समाज की जड़ तक जाना चाहिए की ये लड़के इतने वहसी कैसे हुए।

    लोगों से विनती है की अपने आसपास किसी को भी पोर्न वेबसाइट/कंटेंट न देखने दें। जानवरों को मार कर खाना बंद करें क्योंकि इससे इन लोगों को खून खराबा देखने की आदत हो जाती है। ये तो एक इंसान थी इसलिए हम सबको गुस्सा आ रहा है पर जानवरों के साथ तो ये रोज ही हो रहा है।

    मुझे पूरा भरोसा है की इन हरामियों ने इस हैवानियत से पहले कई बार ऐसा दूसरे जीवों के साथ जरूर किया होगा पर किसी ने भी इनको रोका नहीं।

    हो सकता हो की में गलत हूँ पर कोई भी सिर्फ पोर्न फिल्म देखकर ये नहीं कर सकता। ये हैवानियत इनमें धीरे धीरे develop हुई है जिस पर इनके आसपास वालों ने कभी ध्यान नहीं दिया।

    सभी लोगों से विनती है की इस हैवानियत की पहचान शुरू में ही कर लें। अपने आसपास के लोगों की पहचान करें की किसी को दूसरे जीवों को मारने में मजा तो नहीं आ रहा।

    अगर आपके परिवार की जीभ दूसरे जीवों को खाने के लिए बहुत लालायित है तो आप इतना तो कर ही सकते हैं की किसी भी जानवर को सिर्फ कसाई को ही मारने दें।

  12. Recently heard Priyanka Reddy Rape/Murder case, this has not only shook me whole country is in rage. This is more shocking that it has been 7 year, no final verdict is given to Nirbhya case still this case is hanged in court and game of petition is on. Why we can't have more number of Judicial Institute to solve 1.3 billion people problems. I recommend there should be sub courts under main court, like 3 sub supreme court under Supreme court , 3 sub high court under high court and similar hirerarchy upto district. Each sub court have their specialization. With online Judicial process This will enable fast solutions for pending cases and cases to come. 

    Because we are so many in number we need more courts.  Let's sign for better judicial reform. Let's sign for fast dealing on womens harassemnt/rape case. Let's sign for poor / weak family who just can't afford to fight cases and rich/ culprit enjoy pending process  and get away with it.

  13. Don't just blame those rapers who did that to priyanka reddy….Is it not everyone's fault? Is it also not a fault of indian cinemas which show how to misuse girls? For example : Dandupalya and all other sex related cinemas

  14. These wild men are doing Murder of girl's virginity,
    Murder of her privacy,
    Murder of her freedom, confidence, development and so..on.
    Every day rape news… Govt should hang persons who did even rape. No bail should b given for them.
    Dailing 100 is impossible. Kidnappers may switch off mobile.
    A new SECRET GPRS TINY EMERGENCY MOBILE or DEVICE should be developed by Indian companies & Govt.
    When girls and children are going outside, if danger happens they would secretly convey that situation to 5 family members phone numbers. by pressing one emergency button or emergency voice password …. we would attach that device to our ear rings or bangles or pendent or ring or inners or any secret place.
    If Priyanka Reddy have this device, definitely she would alive.

  15. Does he have shame? She must be scared. And in such situation a person dont understand what to do and instead of blaming her why she didnt dial 100 take strict action against the rapist not the victim

  16. Ye pahela case ni h.. Delhi ka rape case 8 saal ki bcchi arifa ka rape case or pta ni kitne rape case huye h.. Pta ni kitne masoom bcchiyo ko ye zagham diya gya h.. Bs hona kya h hr baar ki trh news p breaking news suno you tube k hr ek channal p ye wardaat suno.. Fir like kro thodi bahut bate kro or bs ho gya ..fir shanti shanti or fir se ek bar ye wardaat hogi… Kux ni hone wala h….

  17. The Reporter should ask One question to him at that moment itself or even now "If by chance the lady which got murdered would be his Daughter, Would he Give the same Statement"??? Please Raise this question to Him.

  18. This is reply to Home minister about why she did not call her sister. Hello Home minister, if she would have call her sister there was a chance for both getting rap. Thank god atleast her sister was not with her. And By uttering why she did not call her sister what do you mean?

  19. Jitna bhi educated ldki kya ek call se police ayegi mantri g kitne ladkiyon k pichhe call krne se pahuchegi police humein proofs dijiye aj priyanka reddy ki mout hui kal kisi or beti ki ho sakti he kahi aap ki beti na ho..Isiliye bharat ladko k mn rape krne se nhi darte.apna soch badlo Or kanoon bhi.. Aap to jada educated ho

  20. Question to that umeducated minister
    Did he know how much time it took to connect 100 number?
    Police image is so down in india than why she would belive on police?
    Where was petroling car of police while incident took place?

  21. yeh india hai yaha ldki gyb hte hai toh oske uppr bacchalan jse aarop lagtw h ldkiii bhaag gye hogii shrm kro police waalon jb wo ldkiyo ke ghrwale report krwaanw aye the tmlogon ne oss masoom ke upr bacchalan aarop lgadiaaaa india worst country h sbse gandee soch log yhe haiii yaha ke pm police he khrb h kya chlega ye deshh rapist countryyyy ldkiyo ko to shoro yaha toh baccho ko tk ni shorteee kya tarakkiii krwaoge ap pm modiii

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