Pokmon Sword and Shield starters Sobble, Scorbunny and Grookey

Grookey, Scorbunny and Sobble have been the primary Pokmon to be revealed for Pokmon Sword and Defend when the sport was first correctly introduced in early 2019. In addition they occur to be the three starter Pokmon for the brand new Gen 8.

Now that the sport has been launched, we all know concerning the second and third evolution for every starter Pokmon, together with the base stats for each. We additionally know extra concerning the skills every starter Pokmon has.

Hopefully this may enable you to discover the best starter Pokmon for you!

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Which is the most effective starter Pokmon in Pokmon Sword and Defend?

Selecting your Starter Pokmon is by far one of the crucial vital decisions you make in any Pokmon recreation. It determines the early formation of your group or for all the play-through when you determine to maintain it in your celebration. Because of this you may need to know which starter in Pokmon Sword and Defend is the most effective.

The reply is – it is fully subjective. (Sorry…)

Because the first three Pokmon gyms are centered round Grass, Water and Hearth, in that order, there is no such thing as a definitive starter Pokmon who can simply stroll you thru the three gyms. The choice turns into more durable as effectively whenever you keep in mind that sure gyms leaders are totally different relying on whether or not you are enjoying Pokmon Sword or Defend.

You can decide Scorbunny for a fast stroll by the primary gymnasium, however you then’ll have to search out an electrical or grass-type Pokmon that will help you out within the second. Or you possibly can Sooble and deal with build up your complete Pokmon celebration, earlier than you face a gymnasium that you just really have a bonus over.

The selection is totally as much as you. Although, when you’re having bother selecting, we suggest planning out your Pokmon sort upfront – that manner you can construct your personal good, balanced, Pokmon sort. We have got guides on each all the Pokmon Sword and Shield Galar Regional Pokdex and all of the new Gen 8 Pokmon that will help you out!

If you wish to know what every ultimate evolution appears to be like like, then try this video made by ProsafiaGaming. Bear in mind this does include spoilers for each the starter and legendary Pokmon:

Pokmon Sword and Defend starter Pokmon Grookey: evolutions and base stats


Grookey is the Grass-type starter for Pokmon Sword and Defend, taking the primary slot within the Pokmon Sword and Shield Regional Pokdex, because the Grass-type starters all the time do.

Grookey evolves into Thwackey at Stage 16, which can then evolve into Rillaboom at Stage 35.

Every one is aware of the power, Overgrow. This capability powers up grass-type strikes when the Pokmon utilizing them has a low HP.

If you happen to’re searching for a robust bodily attacker with a excessive quantity of HP to maintain it within the battle, then Grooky is your starter of selection.

When you attain Grooky’s ultimate evolution, Rillaboom, it would have the best HP base stat out of all three starter Pokmon. Because of this Rillaboom can survive some highly effective hits out of your opponents Pokmon. Match this with its excessive Assault base stat and you have a Pokmon that may each survive lethal strikes and deal them out.

Under you may discover the bottom stats (HP, Assault, and many others.) for Grookey and every of its evolutions if you wish to know extra.

Thanks to AnonBB21 from reddit for the assistance with this data.

Grookey, Thwackey and Rillaboom’s Base Stats:

Pokmon HP Assault Defence Sp. Assault Sp. Defence Velocity
Grookey 50 65 50 40 40 65
Thwackey 70 85 70 55 60 80
Rillaboom 100 125 90 60 70 85

Pokmon Sword and Defend starter Pokmon Scorbunny: evolutions and base stats


Scorbunny is the Hearth-type starter for Pokmon Sword and Defend, occupying the fourth slot within the Sword and Shield Regional Pokdex.

Scorbunny evolves into Raboot at Stage 16, which evolves into Cinderace at Stage 35.

Every one is aware of the power, Blaze, which powers up fire-type strikes when this Pokmon’s HP is low.

Cinderace has the best Particular Defence base stat out of all the ultimate evolutions for the starter Pokmon, which permits it to outlive among the extra harmful strikes you would possibly encounter throughout your Pokmon journey.

Cinderace can be a robust attacker as effectively, because of its excessive Assault and Velocity base stat. This mix provides Cinderace a greater likelihood of with the ability to use its robust fire-type strikes first in any spherical of a Pokmon battle, making this Pokmon extremely lethal to any opponents who is particularly weak to fire-type, corresponding to grass-type Pokmon.

Under you may discover the bottom stats (Assault, Defence, and many others.) for Scorbunny and every of its evolutions.

Thanks to AnonBB21 from reddit for the assistance with this data.

Scorbunny, Raboot and Cinderace’s Base Stats:

Pokmon HP Assault Defence Sp. Assault Sp. Defence Velocity
Scorbunny 50 71 40 40 40 69
Raboot 65 86 60 55 60 94
Cinderace 80 116 75 65 75 119

Sword and Defend lastly right here! Our in-progress Pokmon Sword and Shield walkthrough and Pokmon Sword and Shield tips may also help with the primary journey, and alongside the best way you may encounter a number of new options – from the Wild Area and Pokmon Camp to strong-looking Pokmon, a ??? Pokmon and autosaving.

After discovering the starters Sobble, Scorbunny and Grookey, and the massive, open Wild Area, we have now lists of new Gen 8 Pokmon, Sword and Shield Pokdex, version differences, Galarian forms and Sword and Shield Legendaries.

Elsewhere, there numerous bonuses to unlock – together with Sword and Shield Pikachu and Eevee Let’s Go reward, Mew in Sword and Shield, a pre-order tracksuit, free gift Meowth and Double Pack Larvitar and Jangmo-o Dynamax Crystals.

Pokmon Sword and Defend starter Pokmon Sobble: evolutions and base stats


Sobble is the Water-type starter for Sword and Defend, and is the seventh Pokmon within the Pokmon Sword and Defend Regional Pokdex.

Sobble evolves into Drizzile at Stage 16 and, lastly, Inteleon at Stage 35.

Every one is aware of the power Torrent, which can make their water-type strikes stronger, the decrease their HP falls.

Sobble has the best Particular Assault base stat out of all of the starter Pokmon and this continues because it evolves. Whenever you attain its ultimate evolution, Inteleon, it would even have the best Velocity base stat.

This makes up for Inteleon’s comparatively low HP and Defence base stat, permitting it to deal some very highly effective strikes. Inteleon could not be capable to keep within the Pokmon battle for very lengthy, however, whereas its there, it may definitely trigger plenty of harm.

Under you may discover the bottom stats (Defence, Particular Assault, and many others.) for Sobble and it is evolutions.

We have additionally included a listing of all of the strikes Sobble, Drizzile and Inteleon can study by levelling up.

Thanks to AnonBB21 from reddit for the assistance with this data.

Sobble, Drizzile and Inteleon’s Base Stats:

Pokmon HP Assault Defence Sp. Assault Sp. Defence Velocity
Sobble 50 40 40 70 40 70
Drizzile 65 60 55 95 55 90
Inteleon 70 85 65 125 65 120

If you happen to want any extra Pokmon Sword and Defend assist, then try our Pokmon Sword and Shield walkthrough.

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